Baseball fans are crowding the 7 train to head to Shea for Game 2 of the Mets-Yankees Subway Series this afternoon. Though veteran pitcher Andy Pettitte threw well enough for the Yankees in their 3-2 loss last night, we asked if it's panic time in the Bronx, given that two inexperienced pitchers are starting Games 2 and 3. What do you think will happen in the rest of the series?

And did you know the Empire State Building is getting into the Subway Series act? Last night, tonight and tomorrow night, the ESB will be lit up in both the Yankees' and Mets' team colors: "Yankee colors (Blue/White/Blue) on the North/South sides of the building; Met colors (Blue/Orange/Blue) on the East/West sides of the building." Whoever wins the series will get its team colors on the whole Empire State Building Monday night!

Photograph by Runs With Scissors on Flickr