2005_07_askcellsubway.jpgSince there's been some discussion on Gothamist about the possibility of cell phones on the subway, Ask Gothamist thought we'd revisit some of our past advice about subway etiquette and cell phone etiquette.

Ask Gothamist recommends:

Don't do your personal grooming on the subway.
Keep your feet off the seats.
Don't let your wet umbrella drip on your fellow passengers.
After multiple swipes that won't work at a turnstile, step aside.
We'd also like to add: Don't sit with your legs spread so far apart that you essentially take up two to three seats rather than one.

Hang up the cell phone while talking to store clerks.
Don't whip out the cell when the subway goes above ground for unneccesary, loud conversations.

Check out cellmanners.com for more tips on cell phone usage.

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