The streetsIn keeping with the spate of stories about the about the suddenly too hot weather Gothamist wonders what propels some men to leer and say, "Hey gorgeous" to a woman walking on the street. It's not like the woman will stop and say, "Here's my number." A suckerpunch would be more likely. Is it lack of impulse control? Perhaps, but even that seems generous when a guy will stop, make the woman pass him while he look her up and down, front and back. As if trudging to the subway in the humid weather isn't work enough, but street harrassment in the city will be at fever pitch as woman de-layer their clothing and wear summer clothing. For this reason, Gothamist is considering in investing in a burkha. And will be brushing up on the tae kwan do skills.

The Street Harrassment Project, is commited to "fight street harassment of women by men in all of its forms with our ultimate goal of having a society where women can go wherever we want, when we want, dress the way we choose and be able to express ourselves, including sexually, in freedom and in safety." TheWar Zone is a documentary that follows the female filmmaker asking men why they street harass woman.

A bizarre incident in New Jersey (yes, insert your own NJ joke here) arrest of a man who harassed a woman by repeatedly lifting his T-shirt, exposing a bra underneath, and rubbing his chest.