One thing that many New York women can look forward to in the colder weather is being able to walk on street grating - that is, only if they are wearing boots. If a woman has careened into you from almost a 90 degree angle, it may be because she doesn't want to get her heels caught in the grating that can attach themselves around heels of many kinds. Of course, women are unable to avoid getting a heel caught in a sidewalk crack, but Gothamist tries to follow the "walk on a crack, you break your mother's back" philosophy of avoiding sidewalk cracks in an OCD way. So enjoy the boot wearing weather and walk on.

Red of 990000 has two great photographs of kids' first street grating impressions (one is at left). And for a taste of NYC street grating during the summer, watch The Seven Year Itch for one part street grating, one part white halter dress, and a lot of Marilyn Monroe.