2005_07_askstfair.jpgI was walking in midtown recently, and I passed by a street fair that ran down an avenue. I'm wondering when they happen because they seem to pop up randomly (unless I'm not paying proper attention). How can I find out when there will be street fair in my neighborhood?
- Rob

Many of the typical street fairs in New York seem to be managed by one organization, Mardi Gras Productions. They post a handy Street Fair Schedule on their website which lists street fairs by month and gives the location of each street fair. All the street fairs occur during the same time slot, 10 AM to 6 PM. Newyorkmetro.com also has a listing of street fairs by month. Here's an interesting article about the history of NYC street fairs.

Now who's ready for some grilled corn and a giant container of spices?

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