2006_01scarter.jpgVince Carter and the Nets may have seen their ten-game winning streak snapped last night in a 96-91 loss at San Antonio, but Lawrence Frank's team has nothing to be ashamed of. Their streak may not have come against the best competition, but it was a desperately needed run that has vaulted them to a 19-13 record after their sluggish start. Vince Carter has shown his better half of late, and Jason Kidd continues to run the team efficiently. Richard Jefferson's back spasms caused him to miss the game against San Antonio.

Looking ahead, the Nets face a stiff road test Saturday when they face the Mavericks in Dallas. At the end of the month, they host the NBA's best team, Detroit immediately following a long trip out west. Sprinkled in between are matchups against the Bostons and Philadelphias of the NBA's mediocre middle. How the Nets finish January should help indicate how far they plan on going in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Their top three players would like to think they can go far, but the East is tougher than it's been since Michael Jordan still played for the Bulls, and the Nets have work to do.