2005_12_3_farmershomer.jpgSometimes we get a kick out of strange criminal activities. Especially when they remind us of pop culture references that we hadn't thought of for a while. For instance, when we got to A Sugar-Plumb Stupid Theft in today's Post the first thing, and for a few moments only thing, that came to our mind was the immortal words of Homer Simpson: "In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women."

In real life though the story is pretty basic, if humorously sad. Last week the owners of Fruitcrown Products noticed that an alarming amount of sugar was missing from their warehouse. Assuming it was an inside job, not a seriously large ant, they called in the cops. Later that week, the cops caught a Fruitcrown truck driver named Christopher Flagg, 31, as he was "transferring 50 bags - each weighing 50 pounds - of stolen sugar to Maximo Ramirez, 44, behind a laundry in Copiague at 1:15 a.m." Seriously, they were trading off stolen sugar behind a laundromat. Allegedly Ramirez was buying the stolen sugar and then reselling it. So what we want to know is where he would find a buyer for $50,000 worth of hot sugar, or was he reselling it in baggies?