2006_01_sthomas.jpgWhat’s another $17 million at this point? Friday night the Knicks figured out how to make things worse by sending Antonio Davis to Toronto for Jalen Rose and a draft pick. The Knicks promptly went out and celebrated by losing to Toronto 104-90.

However they try and spin it, this trade makes no sense. Rose is a terrible defender; not exactly the type of player Larry Brown is going to embrace. The draft pick belongs to the Nuggets, which means it won’t be in the lottery and probably will be in the bottom third of the draft. Lastly, by making this move, the Knicks are essentially giving up on Quentin Richardson, who they brought in at the cost of Kurt Thomas.

Essentially, this is a trade to justify the Eddy Curry trade. The Knicks sent their #1 pick for 2006 to Chicago in that trade and right now, that is a top-three selection. If Rose can provide some scoring and give the Knicks some victories, they won’t have to watch Chicago get a future all-star in June. Of course, it doesn’t bring them any closer to winning a championship, no matter what they claim.

Photo by Sipkin via The Daily News