2006_03_sknicksbench.jpgThe Knicks managed to play well enough last night to keep the crowd from turning hostile. In fact, they looked like they were going to actually win a game, building a 16-point lead in the third quarter and holding a 9-point lead with five minutes left. That’s when things fell apart and the Knicks collapsed down the stretch of their 108-101 loss.

Mount Vernon’s Ben Gordon lived up to his nickname “Madison Square Gordon” by scoring 32, including the go-ahead three-pointer while Kirk Henrich added 33 for the Bulls. Steve Francis led the Knicks with 18, but contributed a bad pass and an offensive foul at the end of the game when the Knicks still had a chance.

So, we keep looking for the nadir of the season. How much worse can it get? Gothamist shudders to contemplate that, but this team has a good shot of being the worst team in Knicks’ history. 21 wins is the franchise low and with only 15 wins and 24 games left to play, this team could fail to surpass that mark.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi via Tozzer.net