My boyfriend and I recently went out to dinner with another couple. I ordered one main dish, no appetizers, no drinks. My boyfriend had a main dish and one soda. The other couple had several alchoholic drinks each, appetizers, soup, and main courses. When the bill came, my friend told us the total amount, and we all handed him our cash. My boyfriend and I, having had much less than the other couple, expected change. However, my friend just split the bill evenly and didn't hand us any change. He just said, "Ready to go?" I didn't say anything at the time but now we're supposed to go out to dinner with them again. Should we just load up on appetizers and drinks, grab the bill, and say "Your half of the check comes to...?"

What you should have done was suggest that the amount owed for the drinks and apps be taken off the bill before the big split. Any reasonable person would be okay with this method of bill paying, but alas, your failure to speak up last time doesn't give you credit for this time. You've learned your lesson with this couple and whether it was an honest oversight on their part or they are, in fact, dishonest moochers, you and your boyfriend will have to forget about the last bill and be more vocal in the future. Ask Gothamist would suggest, however, that you skip dinner and meet this couple at a venue at a place where big charges on one tab will be a factor. We hear the library is a great place to hang out.