2006_02_sskatingmedals.jpgYou spend years training for the Olympics and then when things don’t go your way people who have probably never laced on skates ridicule you. Such is the life of an Olympic skater. Sasha Cohen wasn’t her best yesterday, falling on her first two jumps, but she managed to recover and bring home a silver medal.

Cohen wasn’t the only one who had problems on the ice; Irina Slutskaya fell near the end of the program, which dropped her from gold to bronze. Japan’s Shizuka Arakawa took advantage of her competitors’ stumbles and skated a flawless program to win Japan’s first medal of the games and their first-ever skating medal. Long Island's Emily Hughes finished seventh.

Rosey Fletcher finally achieved the medal she had been seeking since the Nagano Olympics. Fletcher, who fell in her first Olympics, brought home the bronze in the Parallel Giant Slalom. In the Men’s Aerials, Jeret Peterson managed to execute his signature move, “The Hurricane”, but was unable to land cleanly and had to settle for 7th place.

Photo viaNBCOlympics.com