Mayor Bloomberg is proposing that the 2,200 Fresh Kills landfill be transformed into a Olympic park as the City finalizes its Olympic bid. Wow - the Mayor and his cronies never run out of ways to turn straw into gold! The Mayor, joined by Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden and Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, presided over a demonstration of "Mountain Biking and BMX, the Olympic Games' newest, exciting sport," that took place. The Mayor acknoledged that Fresh Kills was "where New Yorkers dumped the things that they didn't want," but added, "And now, it's a place for us to build the things that we do want to fulfill our ambitious dreams. And one of those dreams is the Olympic Games." Also ambitious: The Mayor's potshots at Madison Square Garden and Cablevision, over their potshots at his West Side Stadium proposal (part of the grander Olympics in NYC plan). The NY Times reports the Mayor's sass, with him implying "that if the company spent as much money on the Knicks as it has on the anti-stadium ads, then 'maybe the Knicks would be a better team, and that would fill Madison Square Garden.'" Oh, snap!

The Mayor's press release for the Fresh Kills cycling venue. And here's the official site for NYC's bid for the Olympics, NYC 2012. Gothamist thinks turning Fresh Kills into a park is a great idea (it's just funny to tell the IOC, "Hey, we've got this great dump..."), and in fact, the City embarked on a competition to turn Fresh Kills from landfill to landscape three years ago. And NPR did a segment about sorting through the WTC debris at Fresh Kills in 2002.