All-Star Game; Image:

Prior to the Home Run Derby during last night's All-Star festivities, Jack McKeon and Joe Torre announced their starting lineups for tonight's game. Starting at catcher for the National League team will be Mets catcher Mike Piazza and three players for the Yankee infield will start for the American League - Alex Rodriguez at 3rd, Derek Jeter at shortstop and Jason Giambi at first base. There is a distinct Yankee flavor on the team - Gary Sheffield, Hideki Matsui, Javier Vazquez, Tom Gordon, and Mariano Rivera are also on the team - but what do you expect when your payroll is more than the Brewers, Devil Rays, Indians, Pirates and Marlins combined and you earned the right to have your manager in the game.

Roger Clemens/Mike Piazza; Image: Newsday

As Gothamist mentioned a long time ago, almost 6 weeks if you must know, Mike Piazza will be catching for Roger Clemens, the starting pitcher for the National League team. While they are expected to act professionally, how funny would if be if there was an on field outburst. Piazza and McKeon call for a fast ball, Clemens shakes the sign off. Piazza trots to the mound only to be beaned by Clemens. A fight erupts. Okay, that's never going to happen, but you can't fault us for dreaming of something that will make the first inning exciting.

The All-Star game is tonight at 8 on Fox. Lest you think that this game is as meaningless as the All-Star games of other sports, the two leagues are playing for home field in the World Series. Whether or not home field should come down to some players that may not care, or if home field actually matters in the World Series at all, is open to debate.