2004_08_squirrelgame.jpgDuring the Yankee's 4-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians yesterday, a Cleveland squirrel repeatedly interrupted the game. The Indians are now calling him the "Rally Squirrel." The AP reports:

The little brown critter ran onto the field in the third inning, later darting between Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. He spent the rest of the game on the field. Play was held up several times, including in the seventh inning with Jeter at the plate and a runner on second. Several players smiled and grinned at the sight...The Indians superimposed a team jersey over a photo of the squirrel on the giant television screen in center. Later, the squirrel appeared to be eating a peanut while nestling in the grass.

Animals Gothamist thinks would be appropriate for to make an appearance at a Yankees game: Alligator, tiger (either lost from the circus or homegrown), helper monkey, falcon, turkey, and ratdog.