Everyone's feeling frisky right now - it must be spring. But is it love or is it spring fever? The Daily News tries find out more why we react differently once spring hits. Gothamist liked this part of the article best:

But be careful, say experts. That intense love you’re feeling may be love’s short-term cousin — lust. And by the time the last cherry blossoms have fluttered off the trees, the girl you thought was the one could start to lose her, well, luster.

“Beware of spring love. Enjoy it, but don’t expect to find true love,” says Witkin. “Smell the roses, but don’t pick ’em. Hormones and nature are conspiring to turn our thoughts toward each other. It’s neither true love nor lust, but probably an infatuation with everything from flowers to sunshine to each other.”

Infatuation some might say, others would offer boredom. Gothamist has these thoughts: Go for yours.