I have a sports-crazy boyfriend who insists on watching sports on television ALL THE TIME. I have no interest in sports, although my boyfriend and I have lots of other mutual interests. With the Superbowl coming up, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. Please help!
- Not Sporty Spice

Ask Gothamist understands your dilemma - we wouldn't know a tight end from a quarterback but our sweetie loves nothing more than to watch football. We don't understand why the games last so long, and it annoys us when there are endless hours of football when we'd rather be zoned out in front of a movie...
However, just when we're about to lose our mind to sports madness, the boy inevitably does something really sweet to make it up to us. After the world series, when we were fed up with baseball games, the boy paid the entire cable bill since we hadn't been able to watch anything else; this past weekend he wanted to watch several football games but he also shoveled snow and went to the pharmacy for us while we stayed toasty warm inside.

We say if your man is an all-around great guy who's really nice to you, let him watch his sports - after all, compromise is essential to any relationship. If you don't live together or you don't have to be home when the game is on, that's a great time for you to go out and do other stuff (like getting together with your non-sports-obsessed friends).

If we're home and the boy insists on watching the game, we usually use that time to do other stuff around the house (or knit) while the game is on... and then we make him promise to let us watch what we want to watch later (like movies about sensitive dwarves or something). But if your boyfriend truly won't compromise now and then on the sports-watching, tell him he's been cut from the team.

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