The following post is from our advertiser, Samsung Omnia.

Like being ahead of the curve? Then the new Samsung Omnia is the phone for you. With features like high-speed internet access, GPS navigation, a 5.0 megapixel autofocus camera, a sweet multimedia package and Windows Mobile 6.1® Professional (PowerPoint, Excel and Word for your phone), you can take pride that your phone is an extreme cut above the rest.

Not only does the Samsung Omnia have the most (and coolest) features, but its beautiful touch-screen interface allows you to customize and personalize the way you use your phone.

The Samsung Omnia has got you covered at home, work and on the road; equipped to handle all your business and entertainment needs with just the touch of your finger. And with the holidays coming up, the Omnia could be the perfect gift for your technophile friends or yourself!