Snow and rain have been such a drag recently, but today, December 5th, is the perfect day to stay wet. Why today? Because it’s Repeal Day! The day Prohibition was repealed and the 21st Amendment hit the books. Dewar’s was one of the first to make it back, so rally your friends and raise a glass because you can.

Check out the best ways to do it up right:

Give a nod to the 21st Amendment by starting the party on the 21st hour - that's 9PM for you fans of the 12-hour clock.

Don’t forget the dry days by making your party guests start the night with a non-alcoholic drink.

Toast each drink - favorites include, "To the Constitution!" and "Happy Days are Here Again!" and when you hit the midnight hour, make it feel official with one last toast!

If you're hosting a Repeal Day party, why not try some of these drinks using Dewar's White Label.