The following post is from our advertiser, Sobieski Vodka.


Vodka that’s filtered through crushed gemstones? Made from water pumped from beneath a volcano? Distilled from the tears of orphaned baby elephants? (OK, so we made the last one up, but the other two are real.) C’mon, we’re all smarter than this, no? It seems there’s a new vodka every week resorting to increasingly comical gimmicks as they try to justify the $30 they’re trying to vacuum from your pocket. A few hundred years ago, King Jan III Sobieski took a stand against a similarly relentless tide and changed the course of history, becoming Poland’s most revered monarch in the process.

Today, the vodka that bears his name has a mission of its own: introduce people who have been bombarded by hype to a premium vodka that honors centuries of tradition, distilled exclusively from Polish rye and pure water from deep beneath Polish soil. Pure, real vodka the way it was meant to be, and nothing else. No bikini-clad models, no laughable production techniques, no fashion-designer bottles. We don’t claim to be the best just because we say we are. The people of Poland have made Sobieski the #1 premium vodka in the land where vodka was born; to us, that’s an endorsement that actually matters.