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Welcome to the land of caipirinha infused parties, contemporary cuisine and innovative music. The Brasil of post-modern design, haute couture fashion and Sagatiba's premium cachaça. What’s cachaça you might be asking yourself? For Brasilerios it’s the equivalent of champagne to the French or Tequilla to the Mexicans. Different than rum, cachaça is distilled straight from fresh pressed sugarcane juice, which maintains the bright fruity flavors and natural bouquet of its main ingredient. Most importantly, it’s the essence of Brazil’s most famed cocktail: the Caipirinha. Sagatiba Pura gives the caipirinha a twist of Brasilian contemporary.

We’ve filmed the stories and inspirations behind contemporary Brazilian culture, told from an intimate and behind the scenes perspective with some of Brazil’s top creative thinkers, including Carla Pernambuco (chef and owner of Carlota restaurant), Ronaldo Fraga (renowned fashion designer), Carlos Motta (furniture designer / architect), Thalma De Freitas (samba singer / musician), and Bruno 9li (painter).

If you care about mixology or crafting great drinks, we’ve got something for you too. Learn the mixes and remixes you can create with Sagatiba Pura cachaça, with our series of mixology videos taught by the experts.

Sagatiba is more than an authentic, premium and global cachaça (which we believe is the very best!). Sagatiba embodies Brazil’s contemporary, cultural and artistic sophistication. We truly wish to share the premium side of Brasil with the world.

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