Cynthia Nixon as Miranda on Sex and the City; Photo - HBOFor about the 10th or 20th time, it was suggested that I try speed dating, aka 3/6/8 minute dating, aka my greatest fear. Why a fear? I don't know if 8 minutes is enough for my charms to start working, let alone 3 minutes. But it might just be time to face the fear and try something like HurryDate. It'll make a good post, at least.

Or I could take advantage of Aaron's limited time promotion at

All of this gets me thinking, spring fever and all: Maybe Gothamist should have "Win a date" contests. Granted, we need to take it up with the editorial board, but we do have singles in the categories of straight female, straight male, and gay male. And for anyone who wants to be snubbed by a smug-married couple, don't worry, we'll work on that too.

On Sex and the City, Miranda told people she was a stewardess on speed dates, since dudes were intimidated by a harvard educated lawyer. I laughed, but since I relate to her, I cried a little on the inside, too.