I know it may be too much to ask this question of a New York blog, but are there any Red Sox-friendly bars in New York? I want to watch them play in the World Series with some like-minded Sox fans!
- Johnny D.

2004_10_ask_sox.jpgYes, you can find Beantown exiles gathering in New York to cheer on the Sox. In fact, there is a special group for Red Sox fans in New York called The Blohards. Check out their website for events and sign up for updates. Redsoxconnection.com recommends several Sox-friendly bars in New York City, including the Riviera Cafe and Sports Bar (West 4th st. and Seventh Ave), Hairy Monk (3rd Ave/25th St), Harrison's Tavern (Amsterdam Ave/77th st), and Lion's Head Tavern (Amsterdam Ave/109th st).

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