Gothamist.gifWe know that sometimes the volume of posts at Gothamist can be a bit much to keep up with. For that reason, we developed our Favorites page, which shows you the top ranked stories over the last day, week, month, or year. We've recently added an "all time" option-- did you know that the most commented story in the history of is "First Thoughts on the Matrix Reloaded" from May 2003?

Today we're announcing RSS support for Favorites-- this way, if you read Gothamist in an RSS reader or personal start page, you can now subscribe to a feed that shows you just the most popular posts of the last week or month. The former gets about 35 stories per week, and the latter, about 35 per month-- that's a lot less than the 600 posts that appear in the regular Gothamist feed.

Here at the URLs:

The way we figure it, most of the larger blogs are going to have to adopt a system like this soon-- where the best stuff rises to the top, and the readers have a choice about how many posts they want to read.

We hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you spot any bugs. And there's a lot more where this came from-- if you have ideas for new features you'd like to see on the site, let us know.