Gothamist has put together a couple of our favorite posts from our early days as we're moving to a new server this weekend and won't be able to post.

- Nigella Lawson's breastsTotoro, small Totoro, and Mei
- Training cats to use the toilet
- Relive the 2003 Oscars again (and the nominations)
- All about rice pudding in a highly designed store
- What is a Totoro
- Our favorite series of commercials: The Hire
- Kissing and Telling - the art
- Favorite Times ratings for movies
- Animals seen in the city
- The most moving director of the past decade
- What Gothamist would like on Valentine's Day
- Some of the cool things about Hong Kong's subways and subway maps of the world
- It's warm, but in case you want some hot chocolate: Jen's and Jake's picks
- Advice on what to do in life

And Gothamist & friends, as seen through South Park eyes.

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