Go Smarty Go; Photo: Tien Mao

Saturday evening, Smarty Jones was attempting to win the Triple Crown, something most people at Belmont Park wanted to happen. It was a chance for Smarty Jones to make history and a chance for the record crowd of 120,139 to witness history. Unfortunately for them, that didn't happen. Smarty Jones lost the Belmont Stakes - the "Test of the Champion" - to Birdstone.

While Team Smarty trainer John Servis was upset with the other jockeys in the race, Gothamist has to side with the sentiment that Smarty Jones wasn't the horse to win the Triple Crown. It's a title that is only worthy of a great horse that can withstand the test that the Belmont Stakes offers. While Smarty Jones is a great horse, he couldn't go the distance while tested.

Gothamist was there with everyone else, pulling for Smarty to win, clutching our $2 souvenir bet in our hands. Now that betting slip is just $2 down the drain. The predicted rain held off and it turned out to be a great day for the races, Triple Crown or not.