Avi ZenilmanYou know there's something a-brewing when Slate suddenly becomes the personals. In one of the more egregious attempts at using the Internet for a little lovin', Slate intern Avi Zenilman, recipient of the Scott Shuger internship, analyzes various teen summer jobs for their relative potential for hook-ups, like lifeguard, bus boy, and telemarketer. But then the last position he writes about is his job and he writes:

Single, unshaven adolescent male seeks wonkish and statuesque Jewish (or Asian-American) female. Must enjoy policy analysis, literary journalism, high-minded pretensions, and rap music.

Gothamist can't tell if Avi's interest in Asian-Americans is truly motivated by that Nicholas Lemann article about Asian-Americans becoming the new Jews or if there's a little yellow fever going on. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but being so blatant about it, ick. Avi is going to Gothamist's alma mater this fall, so ladies, don't say we didn't tell you first.