Most of the time I wear pants, but every now and then for dressier occasions I'd like to wear a skirt. I feel like I always look terrible in skirts and I'm confused about which type of skirt to wear. How long should the skirt be? How loose or tight should it be? And now that the weather is getting colder, can I wear a skirt without freezing to death? Help!
-Trapped in pants

Do not fear the skirt! You just need to find the right one(s) for you. If you're like many women we know, you probably have hips (we know we sure do). We think the most flattering skirt style on just about everyone is an A-line skirt (this means it gradually flares out, like in the shape of the letter A) that ends just at or above the knee. For fall and winter, look for A-line skirts in heavier fabrics like corduroy, tweed, or suede. In order to get maximum use out of one or two skirts, we suggest buying them in a neutral color like black or brown so that you can easily match them with a variety of shirts.

We're constantly freezing, so we like to pair our skirts with opaque tights and high boots in the cooler months, and then we wear knee-high socks over our tights/under our boots because we're cold and also we always get runs in the toes of our tights (Ask Gothamist has no advice on which tights you can buy that won't run. We've tried them all and have given up).

If your clothing budget allows it, try shopping at a store with a knowledgable sales staff who should be able to help you find the right skirt fit. However, you may still have to do a bit of legwork before hitting the dressing rooms. You might want to check out some fashion magazines and bring pictures of skirts you like with you, or take a look at the What Not to Wear book or television show. You can also watch the television show The Look for Less for tips on finding stylish bargains.

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