So I was enjoying the beautiful weekend, along with the rest of
the city, and I neglected to put on sunblock. Can I do anything to
fend off a coming sunburn? Thanks! -Turning Pink

2005_04_asksunblock.jpgAsk Gothamist's Irish roots know a thing or two about sunburn. We, too, got a little rosy-cheeked this weekend, basking in the sun.

You can't do much to prevent your skin from turning pink, but you can relieve and prevent some of the nastier results, like skin peeling. The best thing to do is to keep your skin moisturized - use a lotion with aloe and slather it on liberally.

You can also buy lots of OTC sunburn relief lotions and gels - it's just about the time for that beachy-looking "seasonal" aisle to get set up at your local pharmacy - although we're partial to the sunburn relief lotion the Body Shop sells, because it smells like coconut.

If it's too late and sunburn has struck, has some good tips for soothing your skin, including taking a cool bath or popping a couple of aspirin for a particularly nasty burn.

And, of course, if you do know you'll be outside for a while, bring along the SPF 15.

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