2006_03sjagr.jpgWhether it resulted from a post-Olympic letdown or simply poor play, the Rangers' six-game losing streak ended with Thursday's 5-4 win over visiting Washington. Jaromir Jagr scored the game-winning goal in a contest he described as "ugly" and Henrik Lundqvist picked up his first win since the Olympics.

Gothamist did not lose sleep during the Rangers' losing streak. For one, they came back from the Olympics with a resounding win over Philadelphia. During the six games, the Rangers picked up a point in two and lost another three by only one goal. They've managed to keep themselves atop the Flyers in the standings, and regular season NHL games don't matter as much as the league would like its fans to believe. The Rangers will go as far as Lundqvist and Jagr carry them. On Thursday, it was Jagr against one of his former teams.