I just went through a horrible breakup with an extremely crazy and egotistical performance artist/writer/sculptor/everything else. Now I want to date nice, cute, earnest men who have fewer commitment/reality issues. Where does one go to meet, say for example, junior-level U.N. staffers who like to read, go to brunch and make out and who are looking for nutsy writer girlfriends from Brooklyn?
- J

You obviously have pretty specific ideas about the type of guy you’d like to 2004_08_ask_dating.jpgmeet and seem to be looking for a guy who’s intellectual - so bookstores, readings, lectures, and libraries would be an obvious place to start. However, if you’re really determined not to date a writer/artist type, this could backfire - he could be another writer if you meet him at a literary location. Then again, just because your ex was crazy doesn’t mean all writers/artists/sculptors/whatevers are, and since you describe yourself as “nusty” you might not want to rule out dating someone with an “artistic temperment.” Meeting people through friends can be another good way to go, so perhaps you should consider hosting a party and encouraging your friends to bring guests.

Ask Gothamist also knows quite a few people who have met through the Internet (some of whom are even married or happily cohabitating). With online dating, you could list the specific traits you’re looking for (and not looking for) in a date. Why not give Gothamist personals a try? Of course, you could always try hanging out at the U.N. in an attempt to meet some of those junior-level staffers, but we suspect there might be increased security this week.