I am a single man in the city and hoping to find a suitable match for myself through some sort of dating service. I've tried meeting women online, but I haven't found a 'click' yet, and I hear that there are some professional matchmaking services available. I am willing to pay whatever they cost, but do they really work, or will I just end up broke and single (again)?

Robert, Midtown

Online dating has its advantages in that it (a) is cost-effective, (b) allows you to make postings/updates for whatever duration of time you choose, and (c) is just plain popular, especially with NYC women, so your pool of ladies is guaranteed to be large. However, all that said, in such a large pool of 'searching' women, how likely are you really to find your most suitable mate? Enter professional dating services. These take a good deal of your money, yes, but they provide services that online sites do not, namely (a) in-depth screening interviews (up to 3 hours in duration) with each client prior to recommending matches, (b) the opportunity to view your potential mates on video before deciding whether to meet in person, (c) tips on dating etiquette and even personal appearance and manners, and (d) socials/mixers that can increase your opportunity to meet potential mates. Expect to pay between $800 and $1500 for services that average about 3 months in length. This means that for these months only you have the opportunity to utilize the service; but afterward, you're on your own. If you're a 'time is of the essence' kind of guy, you will do well with this.

Try looking in the yellow pages/online for dating services, and call for a consultation with each before making your selection. Great Expectations, located in midtown, operates the largest professional matchmaking service in the city. Smaller but still reputable is Together Personal Dating Service. Finally, if you wish to 'practice' your dating savvy prior to your dates (this may help you to maximize your experience), explore First Impressions Consulting, a genuine consulting service run by a savvy psychologist/businesswoman who provides mock-dates and comprehensive feedback on your dating style and possible improvements you can make. Good luck!