Yesterday, the New York Post reported that the Yankees and Mets had preliminary discussions about swapping right fielders, Gary Sheffield for Mike Cameron. While the trade has since been taken off the table, Sheffield took it a step further during an interview with Mike and the Mad Dog yesterday afternoon:

"I made a lot of concessions to come here. And I'll make it clear: If I have to go somewhere else, a lot of things are going to have to change. Or else they're going to have a headache on their hands."
"Things are going to have to be changed about my whole situation. Contract. Years. Anything. Other than that, you might not want to trade for me, because you're going to have a very unhappy player."

While Gothamist understands that Sheffield wants to be a Yankee, we also wonder if he's thought about the team. Gary, we're not sure if you've looked recently, but your team is old and you don't have a no-trade clause in your contract. Concessions or not, your team needs to get younger and this year, unlike years past, the Yankees might be the team to dump players and not add them. Did you think that they might need to trade you to get better? No, of course not, because it was your first choice to come here. Then again, we wouldn't want to play in Shea Stadium either.