2006_01_sthomas.jpgApparently the Knicks have decided to embarrass themselves off the court for a change. GM Isiah Thomas has been accused of sexually harassing a female marketing executive who is no longer with the team. Anuche Browne Sanders claims that Thomas referred to her in a derogatory manner and made unwanted sexual advances on her. When she sought help from MSG President, Steve Mills, she was warned that Isiah would spread rumors about her.

In addition, Mrs. Sanders claims that Isiah wanted to schedule early games on weekends and worked with hotel concierges to get visiting players to go to strip clubs and bars so they wouldn’t be in optimal condition to play. She also states that she was barred from working with team members to market the Knicks and had to use cardboard cutouts of players, which explains those bizarre commercials they keep running during games.

The Garden claims that this is all part of a plan to extort money and that they conducted an investigation in December which did not substantiate any of the allegations. MSG lawyer, Ron Green stated, “This fabricated and outrageous charge comes from an individual who Madison Square Garden fired because of an inability to fulfill her professional responsibilities, and who is now seeking a financial windfall.”

Photo by Sipkin via The Daily News