Did you see the crazy Post article about baseball groupies in the city? We say crazy because it gives readers tips on developing on MO to have a fling with players:

This, [Melody] says, is how it works: She'll get a call or a text (sometimes from one of her players, sometimes from a go-between) to tell her that the team is in town and does she want to party?

Other times, she has to take the initiative, which is definitely more labor-intensive. She'll get dressed up, go to a game with her compatriots, sit near the first- or third-base line and work to be noticed by the players, then follow them to whatever bar they frequent, or head for the lobby of their hotel and wait it out.

Then, after expending all that effort, she tries very hard to act as though she wound up where she has, surrounded by visiting pro athletes, partying at 1 a.m. on a weeknight, totally by accident.

"It's the best way to go - act like you don't care, or have no idea what they do," she advises. "If you see them being harassed by people, you just kind of laugh at them. You make small talk - like, ask if they're reading a book, or if they're enjoying their stay at the hotel."

Of course, Melody claims she's just doing it for a self-esteem boost and will think it's depressing if she does this after 30 (she's 26). A promoter says that ballplayers like average girls because many tend to be from Florida and the Midwest while playesr are warned not to hook up with groupies by clubs. And then there's the link to On the DL, which links to Flickr photos of players on the town (hey, it's David Wright!) as well as their MySpace pages and more.

All this makes the Yankees' new stadium groundbreaking (complete with help of Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg, Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Yogi Berra and Billy Crystal), seems pretty ho-hum.

Photograph of extreme Yankee fan from edex on Flickr