I've been trying to find a company in Manhattan or Brooklyn that'll provide good screen printing for t-shirts that I want to have made. Can you suggest a place?
- Ryan

2005_04_ask_screen.jpgDepending how many you need, you have several options. If you're only doing a relatively small quantity, an easy and cost-effective solution is to do 'em yourself! If you go to Pearl Paint, they will make a screen for you out of your camera-ready artwork that you supply. Get yourself some t-shirts, ink and a squeegee there and you're ready to go. Ask Gothamist used to make t-shirts this way for a teeny little record label we worked at back in the day, and it's pretty easy to do.

If you need larger quantities of shirts, you'll want to go with a professional screen printer. At Custom Ink you can price out your order online, choose different styles of shirts, and upload your artwork. There's also T-shirt Kitchen on West 28th street in Manhattan. (Note that we've never personally used either of these printers before so we're not endorsing them, just letting you know they exist). But we really recommend the DIY route if you're working with a small quantity of shirts.

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