2007_05_sciencebarge.jpgThe weather this weekend will be pleasant, so we recommend going to the Science Barge from New York Sun Works. The barge produces vegetables using "recirculating hydroponics" and is powered by solar panels, wind turbines and a bio-fueled generator. Or, as the website explains, "We grow food in the city with no carbon emissions, no water use, and no waste stream."

The Sun Works' managing director Emily Waff told Metro, “We’ve done the calculations: There’s enough rooftop space here to feed the city’s entire 8 million people with fresh produce... Right now, there aren’t government incentives to produce food locally.” Other fun facts: These are the only wind turbines (at least, in public) in the five boroughs and the shipping container where operations are located was donated by the New York Container Terminal.

The Science Barge is in Hudson River Park, Pier 84 near 44th Street, and public tours are available today and tomorrow. The Science Barge will be at Riverside Park this summer and then to Stuyvesant Cove at the East River during the fall.