2005_05_susopen.jpgEvery May the United States Tennis Center in Flushing resurfaces its courts. This year, they've taken it a step further, changing the color of the courts to blue from green. They say it will help the visibility for players, spectators and television viewers. Gothamist thinks blue inner courts surrounded by green outer courts make for a hideous combination.

Only Boise State and its blue football field can get away with such a strange playing surface. How hard can it be to see bright yellow tennis balls? The US Open has been played on green surfaces since its inception, whether it be grass, green clay or the green hardcourts. Maybe if the US Open wants its spectators to see the ball, they shouldn't have built the monstrosity that is Arthur Ashe Stadium, where the seats stretch into the clouds.

The US Open's courts will now match those in the US Open series, a series of summer tournaments that help determine the amount of prize money in the US Open. Since the US Open is played after the rest of the Series, changing Flushing's courts to blue will do nothing to excite fans during the Series in July. Maybe Gothamist has better eyes than everyone else, but this change doesn't need to be made.

Photo from USOpen.org