With Alex Rodriguez's two out, game-winning, walk-off grand slam yesterday, New York City is in love with him again. For now. He gets the back page treatment from the News and the Post , with both tabs using "A-Men!" And the Times gets A-Rod to talk about feeling like a little kid again.

But the overwhelming demands of New York fans - and the overbearing eye of New York media - will likely be an All-Star. Time will tell what happens with his turn as a Yankee, but we want to know what you think:

For our money, A-Rod is a great, if misunderstood-in-NYC, player. There are more expensive players on the Yankees' payroll - Jason Giambi to name one - as the Rangers are still paying about half of A-Rod's crazy salary. Our prediction: The Yankees will trade him after the season and regret it.

Photographs of Alex Rodriguez during his grand slam at bat and trot around the bases by Frank Franklin II/AP