On March 17th this message was posted on the Decemberists website:


Hello All,

At some time between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m., the band's gear trailer was stolen from outside a house in SE Portland, near the Aladdin Theatre. Heartbreakingly, it housed practically every piece of instrumentation belonging to the Decemberists.

So this is a sort of call to arms; I figure if we get the word out, maybe we all can collectively track it down.

The trailer in question is a WHITE 6' x 12' WELLS CARGO trailer. There's a green 'VT' (as in Vermont) sticker on the side door, among other smaller stickers, a BRITISH FLAG sticker on the front, and a 'NO ON 36' sticker on the left back door. The license number is U34 8717 (Oregon).

Any information you might have on this, please report to the Portland Police. If you do see it, by all means call 911.

You can now donate to the fund to help the band get new gear by sending a check to them at:

The Decemberists
PO Box 14772
Portland, OR 97293

or via Paypal by going here.

Please help Colin and gang, their missing gear list (PDF) is long and we want them to be able to play all of their shows, especially the ones in New York in May. The clock is ticking!