Happy Birthday, Dude

Sam accepts Jake's giftCelebrating Sam's birthday is always an exciting event, and tonight was no different. At The Scratcher, Sam's friends met up and celebrated Sam with various libations.

Sam tried to start out easy, with a Harp, but once the whole gang was there there was no stopping him, Joe, Tony, Will, and Pak made him do shots of scotch. Jake arrived to give Sam a delicious gift. Then Sam's older brother Sean arrived, to rile things up a littlel more. Sean browbeat Sam into a few more shots, prompting Sam to take refuge at the bar with glasses of water, in a brief act of surrender.

But when Jen complained about Danny's affectation of some sort of British accent, Sam deemed Jen too sober. Jen challenged Sam to a shot. Sam agreed, refusing to let her get away with it.


(Photo sequence by photographer Pak Fung Wong)

fishchips.jpgmarsbar.jpgAfter chugging the painful scotch, Jen decided to head for some sustenance. Danny suggested A Salt and Battery for fish and chips. Amy joined in on the cod and chips. Danny also sprung for a deep fried Mars bar. Filled up the greasy goodness, the trio made their way back on East 5th Street, intending on checking on the festivities at The Scratcher.

Coincidentally enough, a gaggle of people were walking towards them, including a guy with another guy on his back. It was Sean, with little birthday boy brother Sam on his back. She needed a picture of this moment, so Jen took out her camera. Sam made sure his feelings about the moment were clear.

Sean and Sam comingSean and Sam going

Happy Birthday, Sam.