2006_05_ssubwaytins.jpgThe fans love it, the managers hate it and the players are mostly ambivalent; it’s the return of the Subway Series. One way or another Mets’ or Yankees’ fans will be able to claim bragging rights on Monday... or at least until the two teams meet again in July.

While both teams have played well this year, they have also been besieged by injuries. The Mets have lost the backend of their rotation and their starting second baseman while the Yankees have lost two-thirds of their outfield and have an A.P.B. out on Carl Pavano.

Game One will feature a matchup of two pitchers with ERA’s over 5: Randy Johnson faces Jeremi Gonzalez in what looks like a mismatch on paper, but based on recent performances should be a lot closer than expected.

Game Two is the marquee matchup of the series, Pedro vs. Mussina. Both are off to very good starts and both have faced each other many times. The edge has to go to Pedro who should benefit from an extra day of rest and the home crowd.

Game Three doesn’t figure to be close with Tom Glavine facing Aaron Small. Since last year’s All-Star Break, Glavine has been the pitcher the Mets hoped he would be when they signed him, while Small has lost the magic that helped him start his Yankee career with ten-straight wins.

Weather permitting, it all begins tonight at Shea. Who are you rooting for?

Image from Stadiatins