2006_8_ask_roomies.jpgIs there some way to find rooms/shares in New York, other than Craigslist? I've waded through all the listings, the deceptive ads, and the perverts for the last few moves, and before that I used a fee-based roommate service. What other secrets of finding a decent share are lurking out there?

We understand the hesitation of finding a potential roommate on Craigslist and roommate services. You really never know what you are going to get, and sifting through all the people offering free rent in exchange for you walking around naked can really get exhausting. The best thing that we can advise, is start getting the word out there. Mention to everyone you know that you are seeking a roommate. You never know who will know someone who knows someone looking for a place, or has an empty room. At least you have some sort of remote connection to the person, and a place to verify their character. The New York Times has an article about services for finding roommates in NY, if you choose to go that route. They also offer some tips for wading out potential disasters, such as meeting at a coffee shop or other public location before deciding whether they should be brought into the actual apartment, and requesting references.

What are your success stories for finding roommates?