During the Yankees' spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds, Roger Clemens dropped by with his son and they watched Andy Pettitte pitch three scoreless innings. Of course, who could pay attention to Pettitte when the Rocket was around.

Clemens met with George Steinbrenner briefly, but did not reveal what they may have discussed. A return to the majors - and the Yankees - for Clemens has been a big topic of off-season discussion, but Clemens simply said, "I’m a fan and a friend tonight."

Clemens says he'll make a decision in May, and this is much like last year, when he came out of retirement and joined the Astros in June. We think he's kind of lazy, since coming later lets him miss spring training.

And the Yankees tied the Reds, 1-1.

Photograph of the grounds crew at Legends Field performing "YMCA" between innings by Robert Bukaty/AP