Jorge Posada; Photo: Aaron Harris/AP

In the last two games Mariano Rivera pitched in, he has had two save opportunities and two blown saves. Last night, however, Rivera got the win against the Toronto Blue Jays while giving up two runs in the bottom of the 9th. With Carlos Delgado and Gregg Zaun in scoring position, Rivera fought to get two outs before giving up a game tying single. Lucky for Rivera, he didn't get saddled with the loss when Tony Clark hit a two out double in the 9th to score Jorge Posada. Posada also gave the Yankees the early lead in the game, hitting a first inning grand slam.

Rivera has now blown 3 saves in the season, Saturday against the Red Sox and the first one on May 11th against the Angels. While Rivera might seem "hittable" right now, there is no doubt that come the post-season, Rivera will be back to his normal form - lights out.

After the game, Yankee first baseman, Jason Giambi returned to New York to undergo further testing on his mysterious condition. On possible parasite that has been mentioned is entamoeba histolytica which is known to lead to amebiasis. The CDC has a nice list of risk candidates and symptoms for the disease, which is much more common in developing nations.