Jose Reyes; Photo: AP

Gothamist isn't sure what's more disappointing for the Mets - their record, the performance of Mike Stanton and John Franco, Kaz Matsui's play at short, or Jose Reyes's penchant for injury. Wait, could it be all of the above?

Last night, Reyes injured his ankle in the 3rd when he attempted to turn a single into a double. He turned his ankle near second and then made an awkward slide into the bag. He got up and played on. Things would only get worse. The next inning, he played in the field and came to bat again in the 5th. During his at-bat in the 5th, he fouled a ball off his injured right ankle and then hit a shot off the wall but could only make it to first. Reyes was finally taken out of the game two innings after sustaining the initial injury.

Reyes is accustomed to injury. Since joining the Mets, he's had six leg injuries, including his left ankle and his right hamstring. With that in mind, one must wonder why he was left to play. Mets manager Art Howe said, "This is a totally different area. His hamstring is a long-term thing we have to be careful with. A mild ankle sprain is something he can deal with. It's like spit on it and let's go." Spit on it?!? Gothamist didn't know that was the latest fad in sports medicine. We'll have to consult our orthopedist and the official doctors of the Mets at the Hospital for Joint Diseases.

Perhaps Reyes needs to take cue from Moises Alou or Jorge Posada and pee on himself.

The Mets lost the game, 7-4 (box score) to the Expos, the 2nd poorest team in the National League. Just dandy.