When a team's effort in an 11-point loss at home is a positive, something's wrong. The Knicks came back to Earth after Friday's win against Detroit when they lost 111-100 against Miami Sunday. Despite the loss, the Knicks did not humiliate themselves, something they have done all too often this season. Gothamist didn't expect the Knicks to sprinkle magic two games in a row at the Garden.

As the season winds down, most non-competitive teams have the draft to anticipate. The Knicks can, but they'll be without a first-round pick, gone to the Bulls in the Eddy Curry deal. Curry's performance on Sunday (18 points, four rebounds) against Miami's Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning represented one of his better efforts this season. That said, Gothamist isn't so sure he was worth the pick that might be used on someone like Texas's LaMarcus Aldridge or another talented in this summer's draft. Someone who tries every night and won't be perpetually out of shape. For now, the Knicks are trying to play with the hand they've been dealt. At least they're trying; it's an improvement.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi