Latvian woman Prokopcuka just won the NYC Marathon with a time of 2:24:40. Second-place finisher was the Kenyan runner Chepkemai (14s behind), who was leading until she began throwing up (mostly gatorade, see picture above) during the descent down Central Park West. Prokopcuka pulled away on the run up Central Park South. Men's results expected soon.

Update: Ramaala, Tergat (Kenyan-- fastest marathoner in the world), Meb Keflezighi (USA) coming down mile 24. Time 2:03:56 right now. Now they're on Central Park South-- Keflezighi is falling behind by about 10s as Ramaala and Tergat battle it out-- man, neck and neck all the way up to the finish line. 400m to go and it's not clear. Tergat is one step in front. Closest margin of victory in history? 200m to go and Ramaala is surging a couple of feet in front. Oh man! This is unbelievable!!! Tergat is surging-- who is going to win? Sprint to finish-- Tergat!!! 2:09:30!!! Ramaala collapsed just past the finish line-- flat on his face on the ground. Meb is third about 20s behind.