Jason Giambi; Photo: AP

The San Fransico Chronicle reports that Jason Giambi, the Yankees slugger and first baseman, testified to using steroids during grand jury testimony on the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) case. Giambi has publicly denied the use of performance enhancing drugs, but rumors have been flying since he was summoned to testify last year. In The Chronicle's report, Giambi is said to have testified that he used steroids before becoming involved with BALCO. Once he hooked up with BALCO, he started using their designer steroids, which were undetectable to drug tests.

Giambi described how he had used syringes to inject human growth hormone into his stomach and testosterone into his buttocks. Giambi also said he had taken "undetectable" steroids known as "the clear" and "the cream" -- one a liquid administered by placing a few drops under the tongue, the other a testosterone-based balm rubbed onto the body.

While the news of Giambi is disturbing, nobody can say that it was surprising. In baseball, there is obvious drug use that has tarnished the game and an institution that has seemingly accepted it. There is plenty of blame to go around - from the players, to the player's association, to the owners - fans are also to blame. While they didn't put needles into the hands of the users, there has to be some culpability. Fans love offense and home runs, but when news about drug use comes out, they are up in arms. If you're honestly upset about drug use, stop going, stop watching.

What's worse is that Giambi's health problems this year may have been a result of, or affected by, the steroid use. One of the pills Giambi took may have been Clomid, a fertility drug for women, which enhances the effects of testosterone. The Daily News previously reported that Giambi's illness was the result of a tumor in his pituitary gland, which can be affected by use of Clomid.

Photo by the AP