Rene Burri and his famous photograph of Che

Swiss photographer René Burri has a show through June 5 at the Hermes Gallery. While his most famous photograph might be the iconic portrait of Che Guevara, the show, Utopia: Architecture and Architects, exhibits photographs of famous architects, like Le Corbusier and Luis Barrgan, and their buildings. Gothamist headed to the opening of the exhibit at the Hermes Gallery (at the Hermes store, 691 Madison Avenue) to take a look at the works and see Burri himself.

While Burri's works are on the walls, there's also a display with his Leica camera and airplane tickets to various countries he's visited. Check out the Iraqi Airways ticket.

The show is filled with beautiful photographs, but part of the fun is climbing the stairs to the aerie-like gallery on the fourth floor of the Hermes store.

And, as with any gallery show opening, there is revelry. Here is the lovely Stephanie Klein taking a break from chronicling the evening.

Stephanie Klein, party-photo-girl

The most delightful thing Gothamist saw, however, was watching Burri as he murmured to himself, "People must sign the guestbook!" and set up the guestbook in the corner. Then he took out his watercolor kit and started to paint in the book, flute of champagne at the ready.

Then he took a program for his show and started to tear it up and incorporate images into his guestbook artwork. Ah, artists are always working. Luckily, he was wearing his natty white jumpsuit.

Rene Burri signs his guestbook his the Burri way

Magnum Photos' biography of Burri. He has a new book of photographs out, Rene Burri Photographs. You can also buy the Che photograph as a poster as a gift for any high school graduate you know, to decorate a dorm room with.

More photographs of the evening from Stephanie.

Another Rene Burri photograph

Gothamist on the Bruce Davidson Subway exhibit, which was at the Hermes Gallery earlier.