A few things to think about on a warm Saturday night:

-The icy man, bringer of shaved ice and sugar syrup on hot sticky days, is an urban staple. Mr. Softee is nice and all but he just doesn't have the same charm as the icy man (though he does have that fun truck). With that in mind we were interested to read about the strange legal troubles that can befall an unlicensed icy man.

-The plans for the fourth anniversary of 9/11 are starting to come together. This year the list of names will be read by 200 siblings of those who died. There will also be four moments of silence, and the return of the "Tribute in Light" (this year coming from West St. and Morris St.).

-Ten restaurant gardens on Smith St. in Cobble HIll were closed in the last week by the Department of Buildings as a response to noise complaints. After all of the fines are worked out (some of them are upwards of $2k) the gardens should reopen. While Gothamist understands the whole "quiet" thing, we find ourselves getting a little antsy when they start taking away our outdoor eating options.

-Starbucks is about to open another shop, this time in the Lower East Side (on Allen and Delancy). The Post says that the hipsters are scared, which they probably should be (in any event Gawker seems to be). According to one of Gothamist's friends who works for the company (not necessarily the best source), Starbucks wants to triple their presence in the city in the next few years.

-You might have noticed it in our weekend movie round-up, but just in case you didn't, there is 3-D porn playing on the island of Manhattan tonight. 3-D! Check out the Lollipop Girls in "Hard Candy" tonight at midnight at the Sunshine. Glasses will be provided.